12 week Online Course with Sister Iqra


(total price includes weekly workbooks, audio and youtube resources)

Become aware of what is holding you back from living with happiness, peace and joy.
Find clarity in your thoughts and rediscover your true self that is free from judgement and negativity.
Reclaim your positive virtues that ALLAH blesses every human being with.

Faith over Fear
Calm over Anger
Confidence over Poor Self-Esteem
Clarity over Confusion
Forgiveness over Grudge
Understanding over Suspicion/ Jealousy
Positive Thought over Negative Thought
Gratitude over Whining
Kindness over Bitterness
Appreciation over Complaints
Silence over Chatter

12 weeks of serious commitment in daily practice of mind clarity strategies will enable you to know yourself the way you never have. 
The great thing about knowing yourself in this way is that you will no longer be drawn to repeat the past behaviour patterns that have held you back.

You are reading this right now as a result of your yearning to change things, make things better. 
You are tired of being confused and lacking motivation. You are tired of doing the same old thing everyday and feeling like you have a bigger purpose but you don’t know where to start.

Allow me to facilitate clarity in your life. Allow me to facilitate daily changes that will help you form a brand new set of habits to live a joyful, purposeful life.
Allow me.
12-Week-Online Coaching from

Sister Iqra, Clarity Coach



(total price includes weekly workbooks, audio and youtube resources)



(total price includes weekly workbooks, audio and youtube resources)

Ready to take the next step in your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing? 


I am looking forward to speaking with you regarding your journey in self-care,  clarity of mind and holistic wellbeing.


Muslimah Mind Matters events, workshops and retreats are conducted worldwide.


No matter where in the world she is or what language she speaks, every Muslimah's mind matters. 


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