Cultivate a daily practice of self-care, clarity of mind and holistic wellbeing. Pray daily.

Do something daily that will help you open your mind.

Embrace the abundance that ALLAH has blessed you with.

Be grateful to ALLAH for every experience HE has put you through...HIS plans are always better than your plans.

Become aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Awareness is the first step towards transformation. Become aware of your reactions in life...start responding to life, rather than reacting. When you react, you lose control...when you respond, you are in control.


Watch/ Listen to the following videos and read Sister Iqra's articles for inspiration to lead a life of love, light, peace and joy. 








Ready to take the next step in your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing? 


We are looking forward to speaking with you regarding your journey in self-care,  clarity of mind and holistic wellbeing.


Muslimah Mind Matters events, workshops and retreats are conducted worldwide.


No matter where in the world she is or what language she speaks, every Muslimah's mind matters. 


Phone: +61 451977786 +61 451977786

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