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Muslimah Mind Matters has a dedicated team, ensuring every event, workshop, and retreat is only the best for Muslimahs across the world. Our purpose is to reach out to Muslimahs worldwide and be part of her journey in self-care, clarity of mind and holistic wellbeing. Our mission is to live this purpose with love, light, peace and joy.



Princess Lakshman (Sister Iqra)

Founder, Clarity Coach, Facilitator




email:    info@muslimahmindmatters.com

phone:  +61451977786




Princess Lakshman - Bio
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Safeera Sabdia

Co-Facilitator / Life Coach

email:   info@muslimahmindmatters.com  

Safeera Sabdia - Bio
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Nora Aldoseri

Facilitator - Arabic


email:  info@muslimamindmatters.com

Nora Aldoseri - Bio
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Amira Salma

Creative Contributor/ Videographer


email:  info@muslimamindmatters.com


Amira Salma - Bio
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Aafiyah Abraham 



email:  info@muslimamindmatters.com

Sakina Latif 

Volunteer - Youth Programs Facilitator


email: info@muslimahmindmatters.com

Sakina Latif - Bio
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Ready to take the next step in your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing? 


We are looking forward to speaking with you regarding your journey in self-care,  clarity of mind and holistic wellbeing.


Muslimah Mind Matters events, workshops and retreats are conducted worldwide.


No matter where in the world she is or what language she speaks, every Muslimah's mind matters. 


Phone: +61 451977786 +61 451977786
Email: info@muslimahmindmatters.com

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