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Muslimah Mind Matters is every Muslimah's go-to platform for self-care, clarity of mind and holistic wellbeing.


When a Muslimah takes care of her mind, body and soul, she lives a life of peace, joy, creativity, compassion and unconditional love towards herself and all of Almighty Allah's creation.


Muslimah Mind Matters events, workshops and retreats are conducted worldwide to help Muslimahs with strategies on a daily practice of self-care, clarity of mind and holistic wellbeing.


Strategies to practise only positive thoughts, words, actions, and responses to life's challenges.


What a blessing it is to be a Muslimah!

Cherish it. Nourish your mind because it matters.


Muslimah Mind Matters is for every Muslimah worldwide...No matter where in the world you live and what language you speak, we are in this journey with you.


We would love to hear from you.


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Princess R Lakshman
Founder and Facilitator of Muslimah Mind Matters & Healing Words Therapy

Princess is an engaging and interactive facilitator. She designs and facilitates Joyful Journaling (Writing for Wellbeing) programs for individuals and organisations. Her purpose in life is to help people find clarity in life and live authentically, live their true purpose.

Princess also founded Muslimah Mind Matters, a global platform for Muslim women across the world to cultivate a daily practice of  self-care, clarity of mind and holistic wellbeing. She designs and facilitates workshops, events and retreats for Muslimahs worldwide.

Her rich life experiences and her craft of writing  have equipped her with empathy and skills  that are vital for facilitating these workshops.

She speaks five languages and works extensively with culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Australia and overseas. She is an author, screenwriter, freelance writer, proofreader, workshop facilitator, Clarity Coach, Bi-Cultural worker and a qualified Trainer and Assessor, Journalist and a Remedial Massage Therapist. She is currently studying Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine to enhance her knowledge about food as medicine for holistic wellbeing.

By the grace of ALLAH she has survived a traumatic childhood, a violent marriage, depression and a brain tumour.  She dedicates her life now to Healing Words Therapy and Muslimah Mind Matters. 

Princess's debut novel, 'The Girl Child', was launched in 2007 in India, Australia and NZ. She was nominated for Best Screenwriter in the HotMedia Film Festival in Washington D.C, USA,  for her original screenplay for a short film entitled 'Butterfly Wings'.

Her goal in life is to advocate for the freedom of those who are oppressed in the prison of their own mind. She teaches how to use writing to heal, empower and find clarity in order to live authentically.

Princess is Indian by ancestry, born in Fiji in a Hindu family and Muslim by choice since 2012.


Ph +61451977786

Ready to take the next step in your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing? 


I am looking forward to speaking with you regarding your journey in self-care,  clarity of mind and holistic wellbeing.


Muslimah Mind Matters events, workshops and retreats are conducted worldwide.


No matter where in the world she is or what language she speaks, every Muslimah's mind matters. 


Phone: +61 451977786 +61 451977786

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