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No matter where in the world she is or what language she speaks, every Muslimah's mind matters. 



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"The Muslimah Mind Matters workshop and online course have really helped change how I think about things.  Learning from MMM has given me the knowledge, tools and skills to stop negative behaviours in their tracks and reframe my thoughts in a way that has had a hugely positive impact on myself,  my relationships and my Iman.  It's helped me to realise how important it is to control our minds and emotions, and to reap the benefits of that control in my everyday life. I recommend MMM to all sisters, because often we don't know what kind of help we need until we are getting it."

(Amatulla D, Australia)


" I attended the Muslimah Mind Matters Self-Care workshop by Iqra, and would like to say there were a few moments which provided a mind switch for me to begin to change some of my negative, reactive thinking patterns. 
It reminded me, after I had forgotten as a busy mum, how effective getting my thoughts out on paper can truly be in allowing me to truly listen to myself as a good friend does, and organise the inner ramblings of my mind and life!
Hearing from other strong women who were brave enough to share their own struggles and vulnerabilities put my heart in a place of deeper connection with others and somehow, my own inner self. This is something that we don't necessarily get in our everyday interractions.. a moment to just be totally real, without feeling any pressure to go into detail openly, but rather use the session as a launching pad for some well needed gratefulness and problem-solving through inner reflection and support from trustworthy others.
Sister Iqra, is a beautifully imperfect, hilarious, genuinely compassionate role model, perfect for demonstrating how life's downs can be turned into something wonderful with some self reflection and seeking inspiration from the signs around us."

(Nada, Australia)


"Now I write regularly in my journal. Thank you, Sister Iqra, for introducing me to writing in the most beautiful way. It has helped me so much."

(Zia, Australia)


I"I've attended several of sister Iqra's workshops.
I've found so much benefit in them alhamdulillah and absolutely love how well organised they are. The workshops are always followed up with extra learning material and support from sis Iqra. She is truly a kind and generous soul and so in tune with meeting the needs of Muslimah's Allaahumma baarik laha. She's incredibly articulate and I thoroughly enjoy reading her weekly articles and publications on the Muslimah Mind Matters website. May Allah subhaanahu wata aala continue to bless our community with the services sis Iqra provides ameen."
(Ferhana K)

"I would definitely recommend anyone to go to Aunty Iqra's workshops. I enjoyed the "Mother & Daughter" workshop  because my mum and I bonded so much. We really appreciate each other even more now. I especially loved the little messages in the bottle activity. Thank you Aunty Iqra ❤"

(Nooriyah K. 12yrs)


"Thank you sister Iqra for the Self-care workshop.I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was Very professional as well as down to earth keeping everyone comfortable in a caring environment. Your sence of humour,warm nature,wealth of knowledge kept everyone motivated and engaged with eachother within the activities. It was a pleasant experience which touched my heart. You have a great stage presentation and look forward to attending your retreat workshop."

(Aminah, Qld)


What an asset you are to our community, especially in this day & age. You have an amazing style in imparting ideas that brings so much of inspiration to the human soul.
Your understanding of the Human Psyche, consciousness & awareness to the Almighty is always put into perspective to achieve a positive end result. Subhanallah. 
I sense your intention to bring about Peace, Love & Harmony among the creation of Allah is absolute.
May Allah Bless you in your endeavours with Baraka."
(Fouzia Peer, Australia)



"Sister Princess (Iqra) , an amazing and inspiring speaker and journalist who has touched the hearts of many people. Her dedication and work is commendable. 
My first journaling session with her was very therapeutic. It gave me the opportunity to explore my internal experiences, thoughts and feelings. It also made me realise that writing allows one to confront their feelings on a very personal level, an intimate secret between you and a piece of paper or a journal !
I have had the privilege to participate in some of sister Iqra's workshops and it has been a wonderful experience and opportunity for me. 
I hope she continues the great work she is doing in sha Allah."
(Angela Ishaq, Australia)



“The Muslimah Mind Matters Self-Care guide has been the utmost highlight of my regular routine, and the Positive Teen Muslimah program has encouraged my younger sister on positive affirmations.
As for my younger sister, the Positive Muslimah program, which was completed over the summer break, provided activities for her to do in her own pace. Over the 6 week course, my sister has became more aware of herself, and found ways to build up confidence within herself. Transitioning into high school this year was a daunting experience, however reflecting back on the program, she easily picked up the confidence and continues to embrace her self-esteem :)
Now my turn! As Iqra quotes “Self-Care is not an option – it is a vital necessity”. I am guilty of placing self-care as an option or not even an option for a very long time. As a result, I have come to realise that overtime I became heavily stressed over everything, extremely exhausted, I felt negative and sometimes even lose my purpose. With the guidance of the Self-Care guide, I have learnt to be aware of this issue, and found ways to improve aspects of my life. Aspects I have improved on are:

The time I spend with Allah (swt), and just having faith and patience

Mentally training my brain with the help of breathing techniques

Focusing on a positive morning and evening routine

Actively engaging myself in physical exercise (even as little as going for a walk)

‘You are you eat’ – eating a balanced diet


Surrounding yourself with positive people that will uplift you and not drag you down.

Reflecting on the good, and ways to improve

Adopting these regular habits didn’t happen overnight and happened over a period of months as it was a process. Even till now, I still am continuously progressing to improving myself. Alhumdullilah I have become a positive person, my emotions are stabilised, and I feel healthier. The simple yet great impact of Self-Care has made my life more joyous, I have confidence in tackling day to day routines, and my life has become more meaningful with a greater purpose! I will continue to improve myself In Sha Allah!

Jazakallah Iqra for being such a beautiful inspiration, and a ray of sunshine, and thank you for the support of your program. I cannot thank you enough on how much I have improved over the past couple of months. May Allah (swt) reward you, bless you with all the abundance and strength to continue to inspire many many more people.

May every star shine its light upon you :)

Lots of Love.”

(Roohee, Australia)





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